You should not have the treatment if you suffer from and or have any of the following contraindications including symptoms, conditions, or devices:

  • You have any form of “ferro-magnetic” surgical clips, (aneurismal , vena caval etc., or skull plates (non-ferromagnetic metal implants for orthopedic repair, e.g. pins, plates, joint replacements are allowed); 
  • You have any implanted electrical device such as a spinal nerve stimulator or implanted drug delivery system;
  • You have a pacemaker or automatic defibrillator;
  • You are, or could be, pregnant and/or breast feeding;
  • You have a history of epilepsy, brain damage, or the use of anticonvulsant medications for purposes other than pain control; 
  • You have a history of, or have been treated for, myocardial infarction or ischemic heart disease within the past six months; 
  • You have, or believe that you may have, severe heart arrhythmia or any form of equivalent heart disease;
  • You have a condition that would require electrode placement on front of the neck (carotid sinus region) or head; 
  • You are in active withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol;
  • You have wounds or skin irritation in areas where the electrodes are required to be placed; 
  • You have a history of a previous intolerance to transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation